Red River International Mechanical and Fabrication

    Mechanical and Fabrication Services

    • Structural Steel Fabrication and Installation
    • Structural Steel Fabrication
    • Pipe Fabrication and Installation
    • Precision Alignments
    • HDPE Fabrication and Installation

    Paper Outfall and Mechanical

    Red River International Paper Outfall & Mechanical Screen Project

    • 15,000 CY of Fill Material
    • ASB Pond Coffer Dam
    • Rip Rap
    • New Concrete Outfall and Bridge
    • New Concrete Channels
    • Install Parshall Flume
    • New MCC
    • New Mechanical Screen for ASB Pond

    Sewer project

    Process Sewer Project at International Paper Red River Mill

    • Sewer Bypass for Mill's Main Process Sewer Line
    • Sawcut and Demo Concrete Pavement
    • Excavation and Remove Failed Fiber Glass Sewer Lines
    • Install New 30" , 24" and 18" HDPE Sewer Lines
    • Install New HDPE Manhole
    • Install Concrete Junction Box

    Notable Clients